Top 10 Online Dating Tips to Attract Your Soulmate!

Online dating can be a fun & exciting place to meet men if you follow these tips!  [Updated July 2019]

Let's Spice Up Your Online Dating Profile!

Whether you’re new to online/app dating or you’ve been at it for awhile, online dating can be exciting as you look forward to sending and receiving messages during the day.

There are definitely successful online/app dating practices and unsuccessful practices.  So, let’s look at my Top 10 successful online/app dating tips!

Say Something Funny in your Profile

Stand out from all the other women by saying something funny that will make a man laugh and reach out to you. This will also help a man break the ice!

Upload Multiple Photo's

Show the best version of yourself by doing an activity like hiking, biking, golfing, etc, a glamorous headshot, pictures with friends or family. Always upload pictures with a big smile on your face!

Have Photos Taken from a High Quality Camera

Most modern smartphones will be perfect especially an iphone! If you can also use outdoor lighting or white lighting if you’re indoor. 

Meet the men in person after the 1st or 2nd message

If there’s interest from you and from him, don’t wait. A lot of women fall for a guy through messaging, then when they meet in person, they don’t have any chemistry and get disappointed.

Meet for Coffee

Do not make a dinner date because you may want to cut it short.

Don't talk too much about your Ex

It’s a huge turn off. If you complain too much about him, he’ll subconsciously think that you’ll complain about him too.

Be vulnerable & sensitive if you like him

Tell him a funny story about yourself and see how he reacts and opens up to you! But if you don’t like them, guard your words.

Always drive yourself

Always drive yourself to the first several dates. You do not want him to know where you live until you can fully trust him!

Find Commonality

When you are messages online with him, find similar interests and activities so you can comment and expand on shared interests and stories.

Date many people at a time

So you don’t form a strong attachment to him simply because he’s the only one in the picture.

I know online dating can be a little creepy sometimes, but there are a lot of great men online and it’s your job to find that special one that you want to share you life with.  Millions of couples have met online, married, merged their families or started a family and have created a great life for themselves.

You may just be one click away from the love you really want!

Just hang in there.  If you simply can’t type another message, feel too rejected or have online dating fatigue, simply take a break, enjoy your life and get back to it when the time is right.  You always want to be on your best game and in a good mood when you’re online dating.

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