5 Steps to Stop an Argument and Reconnect to Love

steps to stop an argument

Sometimes arguments are just a way of clarifying what your reality is compared to your partner’s reality.

However, sometimes you have starkly different opinions and the arguments become intense.

Have you ever been in an argument and realized that you just wanted the argument to end, but didn’t know how?

When you’re in the throes of an argument, it’s easy to get carried away and enjoy the drama and adrenaline.

But, the satisfaction only lasts for a short time and to get that rush again, you need to keep the drama going.

The 5 Best Ways to Stop an Argument and Reconnect to Love if you’re being blamed or criticized:

1. Learn how to feel your feelings and where in your body they reside.

2. Express yourself in a conscious way.

3. Diffuse their anger.

4. Once your partner’s anger is diffused, show appreciation for them being willing to diffuse their anger through words and physical touch.

5. Reconnect with the breath.

It’s possible to get in touch with your feelings, to express them and get what you want.

When you realize how important your romantic relationship is to your overall well being, you’ll want to invest your time every month learning secret tools that really work.

You are a beautiful, valuable and spiritual being who was created to thrive in a loving relationship.

You are here for a reason.  I invite you to use every tool that I offer so you can get into the flow now!

I have parsed out the material so you can digest it in smaller chunks.

I recommend reading and listening to the material over and over until it becomes deep at your cellular level and you feel comfortable with it.

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