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Are You Doing These 8 Things That Will Result In Love? • Romance to Love %RomanceToLove

Are You Doing These 8 Things That Will Result In Love?

They say “love takes time.” This may be true but doing these simple things will help this process go a lot faster. Romance To Love is here to help you find love.

Ditch The List

If you’re finding yourself in a loop of dating all the wrong people then you’re probably starting the process all wrong. Having that “perfect list” that describes your “type” is like only ever eating chocolate ice cream! You never know what vanilla taste like if you don’t ditch the list.

Give A Little Love Today

We’ve all heard the saying “do to others what you would like others to do to you.” In a nutshell – love them before they love you. This step is often overlooked and it can be scary because it involves putting yourself out there. But taking that first step doesn’t have to be hard! Start by spending quality time and talking about the other person’s day and you will be surprised by how quickly they reciprocate.

Get Out There

I’m talking to the “couch potatoes” that spend hours binge watching all the newest shows on Netflix. Even wishing upon a star can’t help you find love on a couch, but getting out and seeing the world can! Get some friends together and spend some time out in the world and more importantly meeting new people!

Self Improvement

There is no perfect way to do this other than focusing on what matters to you and how you can better yourself. This doesn’t have to be in the form of physical appearance but rather something that helps you feel more confident when presenting yourself.


If you actually like someone, take the time to figure out what the other person likes that may differ from your own preferences. For example, if they are a clean freak, take note of their preferences and be intentional about finding a balance that will keep both of you happy!

Understanding Yourself And What You Have To Offer

You are awesome! It’s important that you know that when you trying to find love. Knowing your values and how they stand out in the crowd can give you the upper hand when finding love.

Act Like A Kid

Have the mentality of a kid! Remember when you were a kid and could make friends without worrying about what they thought of you? Get loose and start a conversations with the stranger across the bar, you never know if they could be the one. They’ll be impressed by your confidence!

The Grass Grows Where It’s Watered

Put in the effort! If you want a relationship to work out, you have to go for it! Investing both your time and emotions is the best way to show the other person that you care about the relationship. Investing in a relationship is the best way to make it grow. Relationships are living, evolving things, and just like plants, relationships need to be cared for to keep growing.

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