Are You Feeling Funny about Dating Again?

Feeling Funny About Dating Again

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Are you feeling frustrated about dating again after a breakup or divorce?

Do you feel like the men you’re dating are too damaged by past hurts and disappointments to build a lasting relationship with you?

Do you have insecure feelings like you’re not good enough, not pretty enough or simply just not enough to attract your soulmate and sustain a loving romantic relationship?

If so, you’re probably a lot like Julie.  She’s a 45 year old single mom with 2 amazing kids.  She’s divorced and has a professional job.  She secretly worries that all the good guys are already taken and longs for a lasting relationship or, maybe even re-marriage.

She’s tried online dating and being introduced to single guys by well-meaning friends, but just hasn’t been able to create a relationship yet.

She’s missing something critical to being able to create that relationship.  She missing specific tools that attract men to her, understanding her specific go-to patterns that she uses when she’s under stress, and specific ways to manifest her soulmate into her life.

She’s like many of you today, and also, just like I was before I learned the secret tools.  I learned how to successfully date and am now happily re-married to my soulmate!

I want that for you too!  In fact, I think it’s important to get advice from me because I’ve been there and have come out the other side.  I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

I want you to know that you are at the right place at the right time in your life.  With my secret tools, you can learn how to attract your soulmate and how to sustain that ultimate state of being loved, adored and cared-for by a man.

You’ve come to a safe place where you can let your hair down, take a deep breath, and go with the flow of life while you’re dating.

Meeting that special man and feeling comfortable around him is easy when you know your boundaries, what you really want, what you don’t want and how to attract him into your life.

He’s out there just waiting for you.  He’s calling for you right now, but he may not know your name yet.

He’s reaching for you, but you’re not within his reach yet.

He’s yearning for you, but he hasn’t met you yet.

Keep your positive energy level up and know that he’s coming to you like you know the sun will appear tomorrow morning.

Remember when you were a little girl and you wanted that special new dress so much that you could taste it?  You kept thinking about it, how it would feel wearing it, how you would look in it and how you would wear your hair with it?  You knew like you knew like you knew it was coming.

Then, one day, you got it.  You hung it up carefully in your closet, you wore it on special occasions, and you felt beautiful wearing it.

The same thing can happen to you when you’re attracting your soulmate.

It may sound silly, because a dress is just pieces of cloth sewn together and your soulmate is a living human being, but the same principle applies here.

You get in the way a lot of times and relationships that look promising at first, start to fade, then vanish away.

It doesn’t have to be that way!  You can start your personal journey here by learning 3 mistakes women make when they begin dating again.

Please know that I love and respect you for taking the time to help yourself.  You will actually have an unfair advantage over other single women who are dating.

Men will see you as different and special when you start using these new tools.  If you use all of them, you’ll see a big difference in how men relate to you.  They’ll begin to treat you with more love and adoration and it’ll really feel good, so, get ready to feel good!

I invite you to join me today to learn more!

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In this breakthrough program, you’ll get:

    A series of 105 videos compressed from a 20 hour weekend seminar taught by Coach Camille to give you key tools that worked for her.  After her unexpected divorce, she learned the do’s and don’ts of dating, is happily remarried and she and her husband use all these tools that got her these great results.  You’ll discover how to literally attract your soulmate or be so close to your partner that you feel the deepest connection possible and you want to share everything with him.

* Why looking pretty isn’t enough to hold a relationship together

* How to interpret “love at first sight”, or determine if it’s really just “chemistry at first sight” and why that can actually be dangerous.

* How to ignite passion in dating or a relationship by using secret tools that enhance the flow of love and connection

* The same secret tools that I used to have a successful dating life (after being divorced from a 30+ year marriage), and a beautiful new marriage.

* Why you keep repeating the same unhappy outcomes and how to break free from the destructive patterns that keep getting in your way

* How you can manifest the love life of your dreams so you don’t question your partners love for you

* How to create mutual commitments so your relationship thrives during blissful times and stressful times

* How to keep the love going without sabotaging it

Click Here to Create the Love You Want

Here’s what women are saying about “Miracle Moments” © Videos

“I Love your program! Listening to Miracle Moment’s is my FAVORITE past-time and it’s actually working!”

—Linda J., Bend, Oregon

“After I learned the tools in “Miracle Moments, I was able to express myself and he just melted!”

—Victoria B., Decorator, Phoenix, AZ

“I used the section on “Receiving Talk” and said “thank you” without making excuses, and  It was the best decision I made in a long time!”

–Jessica M., Phoenix, AZ

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Coach Camille

Coach Camille

If you want to learn more Secrets to turn your Dating & Romance into Lasting Love... I invite you to try in my Miracle Moments Video Series
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