Are You Settling For a Man?

If he doesn’t fulfill your emotions, desires, and respect then it’s time for a change!

Are You Settling?

Today, I want to ask you an important question, Are You Settling?


Well, if you are, just don’t do it anymore! Don’t Settle! If a man’s not stepping up, if he’s breaking your heart, and if you feel “bad” around him, it’s time to let him loose.


Here’s how to tell if you’re settling:


When you flirt with him, he doesn’t flirt back.


You find yourself making excuses for him, and you 

secretly feel that he’s just not into you, but you want to make sure you’re right, so you keep testing the relationship, even if it’s a very casual relationship.


You try to convince him that you’re the one.


You over function and do things for him; thinking that it will make him like you more.


You rationalize his behavior to your inner self, and start to believe your own rationalization, which is really a simple lie.


You secretly know that he’s talking to other women, or not telling the whole truth about his life.


He sometimes hurts your feelings, and doesn’t seem to care.


He’s losing interest, but you’re still trying. 


You start to ask your friends and coaches what’s wrong with you.


You ask others for their advice on how to make him more attracted to you.


You think about him obsessively and can’t get your work done.


You change your activities to spend more time with him.


Even though he says hurtful things to you, you still believe that he’s good for you.


Neon sign saying this is the sign you've been looking for

Stop Settling!

If you have any of the things on this list happening, chances are you’re “settling” for the wrong guy, and the longer you do this, the longer it will take you to actually find and connect with the right guy. My offering for you today is to take a close look at exactly who the man is in front of you, how he’s treating you, and ask yourself if that’s the way you would treat someone that you care about and respect?

If not, then you’re settling for a man who either won’t or simply can’t emotionally give you the respect and love that you deserve, and remember, even if your subconscious mind believes that you don’t deserve the best at this point in your life, keep telling your subconscious mind that you deserve a great guy, choose not to settle, and see the love of your life show up!

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