Do You Bring Enough to the Relationship?

Do You Question if you Deserve a Great Man? Let’s look at why this is happening & how to change our mindset!

You Deserve to be Happy & in a Great Relationship

You know how your girlfriends will say to you, well, you deserve to be happy and to be in a great relationship, and on the outside, you say, yes, you’re right, but on the inside, you don’t really believe it. You try to believe it, but is simply doesn’t resonate with you. Let’s look at why this is happening…

As a child, you may have been told  these things:

– Your parents may have told that since you didn’t make an A on the test, you’d be grounded.

– Your religion, that if you didn’t have certain believes, that you would suffer major consequences.

– Your friends may have told you that If you didn’t dress a certain way, they wouldn’t be your friend.

– Society may have told you that If you didn’t join a certain club, you wouldn’t be popular.

This is all Nonsense!

We each have certain personalities and gifts and we don’t need others to control us by making us believe that we’re any less than we really are!

So, can you see why literally all of us have limiting beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities, but that it’s all just nonsense!

No wonder most of us don’t believe that we deserve the good things in life.

No wonder a lot of wonderful women start off a relationship with a truly great guy, then end up sabotaging it up because they don’t really believe they are deserving of a guy that can deeply love them and care about them and be kind to them.

You tell yourself that It simply doesn’t make sense that he’s not complaining, threatening, or telling you that you are not good enough or capable enough.

I want you to know that this is all happening at a subconscious level, so I have a powerful offering for you, I learned this from Tony Robbins.  He used to say this to himself when he was trying to make it in the coaching business and helping people.

He would say “I command my subconscious mind” now to be able to help as many people as possible today! 

He did this on his way to work every morning, so I invite you to say “I command my subconscious mind” now to allow a great man into my life; without feeling undeserving, by really believing that you deserve all the love a really good man can possibly give you!

I hope this has been helpful to you and that you can benefit from it! 

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