Does He Want to Kiss Me?

Learn these secret but subtle signs to know if he’s thinking about kissing you!

Ah yes, the age old question, does he like me enough to want to kiss me?

It’s great when both people are attracted to each other, but how do you know if he’s as attracted to you as you are to him?

Let’s Talk About His Body Language

Here’s what to look for in a man’s body language who’s interested in you; and possibly interested in kissing you:

❤️ He’s leaning in toward you

❤️ He’s grooming himself – brushing his hair back with his fingers or straightening his shirt

❤️ He’s mirroring your movements – subconsciously, like crossing his hands after you cross yours, tilting his head after you tilt yours, leaning to the side if you lean to the side

❤️ He’s touching your arm, hand or shoulder

❤️ His body language is open instead of closed – like arms crossed

❤️ He may even lick his lips – warming up for a kiss

❤️ Talk too much about his accomplishments

❤️ Lastly, if he looks at your lips, that’s a sign that he wants to kiss you! He’s probably feeling urge and wondering how it’s going to feel.

Men and women really aren’t all that different when it comes to their body language. We all mirror the other person and groom ourselves subconsciously when we’re interested in the other person.

We’re not even aware that we’re doing this, it’s totally below the conscious level of awareness.

But, if you know what to look for and are conscious of his body language, you’ll know by the way a man moves and responds when he’s with you, if he’s interested in you.

Before, you had to guess if he found you attractive and wanted to kiss you solely based on is his words and your instinct.

Now that you know what to look for in his body language, you will know how to relate to him, whether he’s really interested in you, and how to create more and more attraction based on your new understanding.

Thank you for joining me today. Have fun observing men as you’re in the dating process and look for the body language as signs that he’s interested!

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