How to Eliminate Bad Habits and Transform Your Love Life

How To Eliminate Bad Habits in a relationship

Do you feel like you’re secretly more interested in your friends and outside activities than dating or nourishing your relationship?

Have you developed bad habits in dating, your marriage, or in your relationship?  What I mean by this, have you given up on the kind of intimacy that you crave?

You can tell if this is true for you by the choices you are making.  If you’re single, would you rather sit at home and watch a movie by yourself than get out and meet people?

Do you make excuses for not dating like I’m too busy, I’m too tired or I’m too stressed?

Does it thrill you more to buy a new item of clothing or new cell phone than it does to think about being in a romantic relationship?

If you’re coupled, would you rather read a book than spend time with your partner?  Do you bring up subjects that are the source of conflict to push your partner’s buttons?

Even worse, do you use blame, shame, entitlement and defensiveness with your partner like saying “It’s your fault that we’re late again, You always laugh too loud, I deserve to go out with my friends again, or No, that wasn’t my fault.”

These behaviors are relationship bombs.  They kill romance and connection.

These are actually very common.  If you were sitting in most people’s kitchen listening to their conversations, you would hear a lot of blame, shame, entitlement and defensiveness.

That’s why couples have such a struggle keeping the flow of love going.
Eliminate Bad Habits in Your Love Life Today!

Most relationship patterns are old programs that you’re running that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Your parents had a certain way of communicating, their parents had a certain way of communicating, now you are doing the same thing they did in their relationship.

The cycle continues, and eventually, one or both partners decide to end the cycle by either getting out of the relationship or finally making new choices.

Another reason is because you’re  trying to make up for insecurities.  Some examples are feeling like you’re not good enough, you did something wrong or you’re fundamentally flawed.

These insecurities are based on fear.  Fear of actually getting to close or loosing the other person.

Once you look at your insecurities and fears, you can shift that generational pattern.

Then, you can start strengthening self-love and make room to really love someone else.

I meet people all the time who are in these situations, but deep down, all they really want is a deep intimate connection with a loving partner.  So, how do you get that deep connection?

Create a new way of being that allows you to feel confident so you can get out and meet new people if you’re single or treat your partner in a positive way if you’re coupled.

Shift into self-love and self-acceptance to get what you really want in a relationship.

Change your bad habits by looking at your limiting beliefs.

1.  What is my belief?

2.  How am I feeling about this belief?

3.  Ask your older wiser self to mentor your younger self.

4.  Create an empowered relationship with your feelings and emotions to open up to the highest possibilities for your romantic life.

5.  Transform the way you show up to create your best relationship.

Use Gary Chapman’s tools of filling up the other person’s love tank, but also fill up your love tank.

This means to give the yourself and the other person plenty of time using their love language (touch, quality time, gifts, acts of service and words of affirmation).

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