Do You Regret Not Being in a Great Relationship?

Do you regret not being in a great relationship?

Are you tired of being unhappy because you don’t have a great romantic relationship or your current relationship is not fulfilling?

Have you been trying to date differently, but nothing seems to work? Or, do you find yourself dating the same way over and over again without any success?

Do you find yourself all alone on the weekends wishing you had your soulmate, or if you’re in a relationship, do you wish your partner felt more like a soulmate?

I understand how you feel.  There are millions of people wondering the same thing,  They wish things were different, but things have stayed the same year after year.

Below is a spiral of failure.  When you are in it, you are conditioning yourself for failure.

Does this spiral of failure look familiar to you?

1.  Self limiting beliefs (you self-sabotage because you doubt your self-worth).

2.  Imagine things going wrong (self-talk “I’m not good enough.  Men won’t like me).

3.  Plan for failure (If this doesn’t work out, it’s no big deal).

4.  Project anxiety and insecurity (Men don’t like me).

5.  Self-fulfilling prophecy (The relationship will never work, it always fails).

It’s time to remove the limiting beliefs that start the spiral of failure in motion.  Limiting beliefs actually are very powerful. Usually, they were created in childhood, but linger into your adult life where they don’t belong anymore.

They influence what you believe.  Some come from external forces (family, friends, or co-workers) and some come form internal insecurities.

Ask yourself, “What do I believe about attracting and sustaining a loving relationship? Do I believe I’m not worthy of love?

Where does that belief come from?  It probably comes from old negative thought patterns that you’ve carried around with you for years, but haven’t been aware of.

When we start thinking positively, we sabotage it by remembering how past experiences didn’t go well, so this one won’t either.  Our brain knows what is familiar, and sometimes failure is familiar.

When you feel this familiar feeling of failure, your body-system doesn’t feel safe anymore and you don’t believe your positive self talk.

To combat this, rewrite your story the way you want.  Focus first on good things you believe about yourself, then, focus on even More good things you believe about yourself. Keep on going until you sincerely start to feel good about yourself.

Start doing things that you’re passionate about like painting, bicycling, hiking or public speaking.  When a woman is doing what she loves to do, it’s very attractive to a man.

Men suddenly become interested in your activity and want to know more about you and the activity.

Write down evidence of your good qualities and your capabilities.

These evidences will show you that you are everything you need to be.  You are perfect just the way you are and that you really can love and approve of yourself without needing the approval of others. 

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself to accept YOU just the way you are and to think positively about your attributes so you’ll show up as a positive and confident woman?

I invite you to join me today to learn more!

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