Here’s Why You Should Always Look Your Best

You never know where you’ll meet your future husband!

You Never Know Where You’ll Meet Your Future Husband

The number 1 reason to look your best is because men are very visual. They immediately know if they’re attracted to you or not, so why not go out of your house looking your best? A man needs to fall in love with you on the outside before he can fall in love with who you are on the inside. 

You may think this is shallow advice, that if a man doesn’t like you the way you are naturally, then he’s not the one for you. I totally understand how you feel, I’ve felt that way before. But, I found out after researching and interviewing men, that they’re attracted to women who take pride in themselves by always looking their best in public and with them at home. They love the shape of a women. As we all know, many songs have been written about men’s attraction to a woman’s face, scent and body.

A lot of men today complain that women go out shopping, running errands and in public without taking pride in the way they dress or look. They specifically say that women have gotten lazy and sloppy. They question why a women would take good care of her home, her car and career, but not her outward appearance. Some men wonder if a women who doesn’t take care of her appearance might have other problems in her life. A woman’s outward appearance is a reflection of who she is on the inside.

So, I think it’s worth making a point to look your best every time you step outside of your house. Yes, even if you’re out and about running quick errands, such as going to the grocery store or your local hardware store to pick up something for your place. 

It’s okay to have on a cool t-shirt and jeans, but how important is it to do your hair and makeup? I think it’s awesome to do your hair and makeup because studies show that women are more confident when they look their best. They walk with more confidence, speak with more confidence and smile with more confidence, and a confident man is only going to be attracted to a confident woman! After all, what man can refuse a pretty face?

If you’re in a hurry, simply apply a little make up, especially eyeliner to accentuate your eyes and lipstick to emphasize your lips.

What about a little jewelry? Obviously, women can go too far, but earrings, a ring or necklace can accentuate your face, neck and hands. Earring show off one of the most attractive parts of your face, your jawline. Necklaces can be sexy because they draw the eye to the neck and chest. Rings can add a touch of bling.

Once you attract a man’s attention, that’ when the fun begins. You get to know each other, and if there’s both physical and emotional attraction for both of you, the deep connection naturally follows. I explain how to build a deep connection that leads to lasting love in my “Miracle Moments” video series so you don’t have to continue dead-end dating. The deep emotional connection is where the real magic happens!

And who knows, you may find your future husband in the aisles of your local hardware store on a Saturday afternoon. 

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