How Old is Too Old to Use Tinder?

Yes, you are too old for Tinder and no you should not be using Tinder. This is why.
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Hook Up Culture

I know, I know, it’s crazy to be talking about “hook ups” when you’re a mature, accomplished and confident woman, but some women have made the mistake of looking for love on Tinder and have been hurt or lost their confidence because of the most men on the other side of the app aren’t seriously looking for a relationship, and they’re happy to hook up with you without any commitments or plans for the future. Most of the time, it’s about casual dating without the emotional connection.

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Judging on Appearance Rather Than Soul

If you’re serious about meeting a quality gentleman and creating a loving emotional connection with a man who will open doors for you, defend you when someone hurts your feelings, hold you when you cry and will love you the rest of your life, Tinder is not the place for you to be looking.

When people use the Tinder app, they make an instant decision based solely on appearance, then quickly swipe away. You, as women are so much more than you facial structure, hairstyle, or eye color.

You are a valuable beautiful woman who is the “Prize!” And, a good man will look at the whole package to see all of your gifts, so he won’t be looking on the Tinder app.

You’ll find him on dating sites/apps where he knows women are seriously looking for a soulmate and he can read your profile to find out about your likes and dislikes, your activities, and most of all, your heartfelt desires, so he can fulfill them.

There is no perfect way to do this other than focusing on what matters to you and how you can better yourself. This doesn’t have to be in the form of physical appearance but rather something that helps you feel more confident when presenting yourself.

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