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How to be more approachable


Welcome to flirty Fridays! A lot of women ask me how they can I be more approachable. Well, number one, have a great big smile on your face. You know, I’ve got these great big old peace signs on my t-shirt today and they’re kind of obnoxious but it puts me in a good mood and it makes me smile. It makes me think about the 70s and the peace movement and all of that. Just think of anything that comes to your mind that you can make you smile about. I know, I know, you may be in this deep dark place. You may be feeling insecure. You may be frustrated and maybe even depressed, so this may be hard for you to hear but if you can find something to smile about, like on YouTube, something funny, remember a silly joke that somebody told you or something stupid that you really did and all you can do is laugh about it smile. A smile is the most attractive piece of clothing you can put on yourself.

#2. Listen, if you’re talking to a man really listen. Listen to the heart of the story and express how you felt. When you heard him say those words maybe you got goose bumps maybe you were afraid he was telling a story, an adventure story, maybe you felt like you’re about to cry and your chest or your throat tightened up. Tell him how he made you feel when you heard his story number.

#3. Laughing is contagious, have you ever heard of laughter yoga? That’s all they do is they get together and they laugh in Japan they have laughing clubs. So laugh, find something that you can laugh about, maybe find something you can laugh about yourself, if you’re sitting having coffee with a guy find something you can laugh about on the way to coffee or something that’s happening right in front of you. Laughing is so contagious people who laugh calm their nervous system they calm the people around them and they calmed themselves so remember to smile. Remember to listen intently and let him know how what he’s saying to you is making you feel and remember to laugh if you enjoyed this video today, please share and like it with everybody that you know that’s single, who may be struggling right now and who just needs a little lift or upper and as always find the love and everyone you meet and keep on flirting.

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