I Thought He Was Serious About Me? I Don’t Understand!​

Sorry, but you’ve just been “Ghosted”. Welcome to the Modern Dating World!

Getting “Ghosted” ​

Have you been dating a guy that you really trust, like, and really enjoy? He takes you to nice restaurants for romantic dinners, you travel together, are intimate and he even tells you he loves you?

Does he tell you how amazing you are and introduce you to his family and friends?

If so, you’re probably thinking that there’s a real future with him and dreaming of a marriage/relationship and a family one day (if you already have kids, a family can always be husband, wife and each-other’s kids).

Then, all of the sudden he pulls away and you don’t have a clue why. You ask yourself, was it something I did or said? Is he just too busy at work to see me, or is there another woman?

Does is seem like men are fickle and that you have to be perfect for them to love you? And, if so, how in the world can any woman be perfect? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Welcome to the Modern Dating World!​

If this has happened to you, I’m sorry. I know how this feels and you should never have to go through something like this ever.

Just realize that there are so many people online, that some men feel like relationships are disposable, that there are 10 more women waiting in the wings.

This has become a real problem and most women have no clue how a man can turn his desire on and off so easily.

I have a solution for this common dating problem, but first, I want to explain something important. 

Here’s what’s happening…

There was no emotional connection built and it’s easy to walk away when you haven’t developed a deep emotional connection.  Without a deep emotional connection, there is NO LOVE!

Emotional Connection & how to create it?​

It’s really very simple. It’s to stay in your femininity and feelings when you’re around him.

(I cover this in my “Miracle Moments©” Video Series so much that you’ll be a master at it but more on that later.)

In fact, you’ll get so good at it, that you can emotionally connect with any man you choose. This is where the good stuff is and this is where the lasting love lives; in the emotional connection.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re dating a guy that you really like and you had to go out of town and haven’t seen him for a week. It’s okay to tell him that you missed him and it’ll feel good to see him when you get home.

Just that simple word “feel” is very powerful and can make him see you in a different light.

In fact, any time you use the words “feel, feeling or felt,” he’ll respond because you’re in your emotions and feelings. And, being in your emotions and feelings is the most powerful place you can be.

After all, one you’ve built an emotional connection and are in an exclusive relationship, you become intimate with the man you love in a way that you don’t express with anyone else in the world and you also feel feelings with your man that you don’t feel with anyone else in the world.

The key is to let him know how you feel. Some women may say that they’re afraid they’ll push a man away if they tell them how they feel, but it’s just the opposite. When a man hears your feelings, and he’s having good feelings towards you too, it draws him closer to you.

Sadly, most women don’t know how or when to do this. But with a little guidance you’ll master this! Start to try this simple step, but I want to warn you that if you only use this a few times, then go back to your old habits, it won’t have a lasting impression and you’ll continue to get the same results you’ve always gotten.

If you want to become fluent in how to express your feelings to produce an amazing emotional connection with a special man to last the rest of your life…​

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