Instantly Attract Him to You

Attract Him To You

Have you wondered why some women have all the men swooning over them and other women try their best, but just don’t connect well with men?

Have you ever been at a party and all the men are staring at one of the women and eventually go over and talk to her?

Do you feel like you need to change the essence of who you are to attract the man of your dreams?

If so, you aren’t alone.  Many women understand how you feel.  It feels really yucky.

You start to question your clothes, your hair and your makeup.

But, it’s not your clothes, your hair or your make up.  It’s simply a matter of letting a man play the man’s role and you, as a woman, play the women’s role.

Don’t chase after a man (even though you don’t think you’re doing it).  Chasing after a man is calling, texting, emailing and going over to his house.

Contact him only when he has contacted you first.  I know this sounds old fashion, but it still holds true today.

It’s a man’s nature to pursue you and your role is to receive his pursuit.

A man can actually feel when you are trying to control him and the relationship.

There are a lot of good men out there who want the same thing you want.

They want someone to hold on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

They want someone who will be there to listen to their exciting news about the promotion they got at work or the new car they want to buy.

Women need to understand whether a man is or is not attracted to them.

When a man changes his schedule to pick you up from the airport, he is attracted to you.

When a man calls you first before calling his best friend with exciting news, he’s attracted to you.

If he calls you every day and makes plans, he’s attracted to you.

You can tell if a man is attracted to you when he includes you in his every day life.  Not when he’s making excuses because he didn’t call or why he had to cancel your date.

So, part of your job is to be consciously aware of whether or not your guy is including you in every part of his life.

Here are incorrect beliefs that women in our society have been taught.

1.  You have to be beautiful.

2.  You have to be skinny.

3.  You have to be great at sex

4.  You have to be super smart and educated

5.  You have to have a good paying job

None of these beliefs are true.  A man will fall in love with you when you allow him to court you, pay for your dinners, plan dates and eventually ask you to marry him.

These are things that he is hard-wired to do.  If you try to do these for him, he’ll see you as a friend or business partner.

He may think that you are interesting and fun to be with, but he won’t see you as a lifelong partner.

If you do too much for him, he doesn’t have the space to give to you and he will feel emasculated.

He may let you control the relationship for a while, but ultimately, he’ll make the choice to leave so he can find a woman who will appreciate the gifts he gives her (gifts of planning dates, dinners, flowers, etc.).

If you are already in a relationship, the same thing applies.  Over functioning becomes unattractive.  It doesn’t allow room to be a man because you’re doing it for him and that’s not attractive!

So, sit back, relax and let him try to win your heart. He’s the pursuer, and you are to be pursued.

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