How to Jump Start A Relationship

how to jump start a relationship

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Have you fallen into a ho-hum attitude in your love-life?

Here’s 4 Keys to jump-starting your relationship:

1.  Feel the feelings that you get when you think about romance.

2.  Ask yourself “how are these feelings familiar?”

3. Commit to being tuned on to the idea that you are attracted to another.

4. Make a conscious decision that you will act on this commitment.

You may notice that sometimes you don’t feel like you want to be close or you don’t even want to try.

Those are the times that you need to explore why you’re feeling this way.

Is it because you’re too busy?

If so, make a conscious effort to put your priorities in place.  Slow down your pace, take a deep “Love Breath”, give love to yourself as you breath in the romance and breath out the appreciation

Open up to the vulnerable side of you who tries to hide your imperfections.  When you reveal your imperfections, the other person feels comfortable to reveal theirs.

I invite you to focus on your romantic life, the side where you feel a close and intimate connection.

The more you focus on this, the more you’ll think about it during the day, the more you will want it and the more it will come into your life.

Is it because you’ve been disappointed in love?

If so, first of all, realize that you’re not the only one whose been disappointed in love.

In fact, most of us have been cheated on, lied to, and disrespected. So, understand that you’re not alone.

Now that you understand this, make a conscious decision to let your light shine. Think of the most confident moment that you can remember.  Was it when you won an award, an honor or finished a marathon?

Feel the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that you felt in that moment.

Remember the situation and recall the steps you took to accomplish what you did.

Get into that confident feeling while reflecting on what you want in this moment.

Now, look at the App (Romance Coach on the Go) and study the “Sweet Talk” love chat.

Remember to use your 5 sense when you’re conveying your Sweet Talk messages.

Practice at home in front of the mirror so they will become natural.

Here’s some examples from the App:

From the Female side of the App:

She said: “It felt so good to have you hold me. (heart feeling)

She said: “My heart felt relaxed and safe.” (body feeling).

She said: “I love seeing your beautiful eyes as you smile at me.” (sense of sight) your sweet smell (sense of smell) and the touch of your hand (send of touch).

Male Side of App:

He said: “It felt so good to have you rub my back.” (heart feeling)

He said: My heart felt light and happy.” (body feeling).

He said: “I loved the smell of your body as you stood close to me and rubbed my back.” (sense of smell).

The more you use these simple Sweet Talk messages (from the App), the more automatic they will be.

It seems very simple, but these words strike a romantic chord in your partner and work wonders!

Remember to convey what you want.

To get the Jump Start going, say “It would really feel good for you to hold me right now!”  Or, “I love it when you kiss my neck (be sure to make your neck available for kissing).”

Sometimes our partner needs clues to know what you would like from them.  Sometimes, it’s just as simple as that.

Romantic relationships are where contentment in the rest of your life begins.  When there is harmony in the romantic relationship, all other relationships thrive and life is more fun.

I want you to be able to have a Hubba Hubba romantic life instead of a Ho Hum romantic life!

The best way I know to do it is through one of my Memberships and the App.

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