Transform Your Dating Life Into a Marriage or Long-Term Relationship!

This MIRACLE MOMENTS Video Series shows you the Secrets To Turn Dating and Romance Into Lasting Love Without Settling…

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How does Miracle Moments work?


The first step is to forgive any men who have hurt you, then forgive yourself for self abandoning, criticizing or speaking negatively about yourself.

Learn how to Date Again

Learn do's and don'ts in online and offline dating so you can get to a Marriage Proposal or Lifelong Commitment

Attract YOUR New Soulmate

You'll learn the exact words, body language and tonality to attract him into your life.

Keep the Spark Going

I want you to absolutely know without the shadow of a doubt that you can have a Marriage or Relationship that lasts a Lifetime!

What Is The Miracle Moments Video Series?

              Of course love begins with a physical attraction, after that, there’s much more to creating a deep love.   

               The Miracle Moments© Video Series includes proven techniques for:

  • Dating online and offline, flirting, body language, tone of voice

  • Getting clear on qualities you want in a man and qualities you want to bring to a new marriage or relationship (releasing old habits that don’t serve you anymore and creating new ones that do)

  • Healing from past relationships, specific techniques to forgive others and yourself so you don’t ever give your power away again. When you don’t forgive others, you give your power away

  • Exact words to build a deeper, loving bond after an argument or misunderstanding

  • Loving yourself so a man will see you as lovable, raising your love-ceiling (how much love you can receive)

  • Establishing your personal boundaries so you’ll be respected by men, and specific questions to ask a man to understand his character before you continue to date him or fall in love with him

  • Make or break rules that literally make the difference between a marriage proposal/lifelong relationship or a break-up

  • Masculine vs Feminine energy and how to be in your feminine energy (learning to “receive” from a man so he’ll want to give more)

  • How to know if a man (or a conversation) is toxic, specific words to say and specific actions to take

  • Learning how to be vulnerable, building an emotional-connection and keeping the spark going for a lifetime

  • My entire “RomanceCoach” mobile app content in video form so you can visually see how to use it (download the app on your Apple or Google device)

  • Learning to live in your “Genius” every day, using your creative energy, which makes you very attractive

  • Personal worksheets to apply to your own life

  • And much, much more!

              This video series is for A Single Woman who is:

  • Not dating yet, so she’ll be prepared with new tools. Not preparing is like taking a final exam without studying

  • Dating several men and wants clarity on exactly what qualities she wants so she doesn’t get disappointed later and experience a break-up or divorce

  • In a new relationship so she can create a deep connection that lasts a lifetime and won’t have to experience a break-up or divorce

                I encourage you to watch these over and over again until it becomes natural to you 

What's Included with the full Miracle Moments Video Series?

I know, 105 videos feels like a lot to watch! Don’t worry, you’ll get through them. They’re specifically designed to walk you through the change process of being single and struggling to creating such a deep emotional connection with a man that he’ll want you all to himself!

I want you to have all the tools you need in this dating and falling-in-love process, so you’ll receive a link to download my free mobile app. It’ll be in one of the emails after you sign up, so be on the look out.

You’ll receive links to my “Flirty Friday” videos (casual videos I made at home where I answer questions from clients on a variety of subjects). They’re informative and fun, so stay tuned!

What's Included with the full Miracle Moments Video Series?

Why should you watch The Miracle Moments for dating advice?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not even dating right now, so why should I invest in Miracle Moments©?

Because, by the time you meet a really great guy, it’ll be too late. You’ll go back to the same habits that you’ve always used and get the same failed results that you’ve always gotten.

I’m already in a relationship, so why should I invest in Miracle Moments©?

Because you will finally have the tools to keep this relationship strong, and deepen it with every year that passes.

I just want to meet someone, fall in love and get married. Why do I have to learn all of this stuff?

Because the only relationship tools you currently have are from your parents, your friends and maybe some books that you’ve read along the way.  By investing in Miracle Moments©, you’ll be able to move beyond old relationship tools that may not be getting you what you want.

Is there something wrong with me?

No, you are absolutely perfect the way you are!  You may have developed some bad habits, but that’s all they are, simply bad habits that can be changed into good habits with Miracle Moments©.

Where are all the good guys and how do I find them?

They’re right in front of you. The way to find them is to learn how to prepare yourself for them through powerful and insightful tools in Miracle Moments©.

How fast will I see results?

The more you listen to the videos and the more you actively participate in the activities, the faster you’ll see results.