Online Dating: Where are all the “Good Guys” at?

You’re not alone if you have ever wondered if “Good Guys” still exist today. But I’m here to tell you they do and how to find them!

What Happened To All The Good Guys?

Sometimes online dating brings out behaviors in guys that they wouldn’t act out in person. They sometimes post pictures of themselves in front of fancy cars or without their shirt on…ewww!

They feel like they have to compete with all the other guys.  But, if they only knew that all a good woman is looking for is inside of them, they’d act differently.

Men have insecurities and get nervous too.

So, when you’re looking for a good guy and you see a behavior that seems a little silly, sometimes it’s worth another look.

He could be trying to impress you in an unimpressive way, and he could also have been knocked off balance by a divorce or break up and is still a little unstable, but a good man inside.

There’s a lot of insecurity and instability in the single adult dating world, I know because I’ve been there!

Good Guys Just Need Some Time

When you think about it, half of all marriages end up in divorce, and many long term live-in relationships fall apart (because there was a limited commitment from the beginning).

And, when you have a traumatic breakup or divorce (they’re all traumatic), the people involved need a healing period, but most people dive into the dating pool and end up getting hurt again before they heal and become stable enough for a healthy and happy relationship.

Of course, if you’ve given a guy 2 or 3 chances and it’s not working out, it’s time to move on.

I want you to know that there are millions of good guys out there that want the same thing you want. They want someone who has their back, someone to cuddle on the sofa with in the evenings, and someone to sleep next to. They want to feel safe and loved too, just like you.

The way to find them is to express your “heart feelings” (explained thoroughly in my “Miracle Moments©” Video Series) and see how they respond.

A good guy will be drawn to you when you express your heart feelings and he’ll begin to express his too. This is the beginning of a “real relationship” full of safety, mutual respect, and eventually, love.

Here’s A Short List Of Things To Look For In A Guy:

* Does he speak highly of his ex, even though they’re not together anymore?

* Is he a gentleman and does he treat you with respect?

* Does he ask questions about you like he’s really interested in understanding who you are as a person?

* Does he have a good relationship with his family, especially his mom (she’s the first woman he loved and he should have a strong emotional bond with his mom)?

* Does he express his feelings to you, not just tell you facts and opinions?

* This short list will give you an idea whether he’s a good guy and worth pursuing in a relationship.

But, I want to warn you that there’s so much more to know in this dating world and I don’t want you to cut your chances of creating the relationship of your dreams, so I invite you to try my “Miracle Moments©” Video Series so you can have all the tools to create an amazing marriage or lifelong relationship.

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