Pre-Love Checklist to Get the Love You Want!

Ready to have that great relationship you always dreamed of having? [Updated July 2019]

Pre-Love Checklist

I used to be a flight attendant several years ago. If you’ve ever seen a flight attendant or an airline pilot prepare for a flight, you’re familiar with the Pre-Flight checklist.  The flight attendant and pilot make sure that all systems are “good to go” before taking off.

With your Pre-Love checklist, you’re going to make sure that all systems are “good to go” before getting into a relationship.

First, some pivotal questions to ask yourself:

Have I healed from a past hurtful breakup or divorce?

Am I still in love with my ex?

Am I striving to be the best version of me that I can?

Have I sought out coaching from someone whose been-there-done-that to help guide me through the dating process?

Am I moving toward everything I really want to be doing in all areas of my life, including social, professional, physical and emotional? In other words, am I at the top of my game so I can attract a man whose at the top of his game?

Ask yourself “Am I willing to ask myself these questions and answer them honestly?”  If you are, you have a wonderful relationship ahead of you!

Rate the Questions below on a scale from 1-10:

1. I have a clear sense of direction in my life.

2.  I am clear on who I am and my life calling that really makes me happy.

3.  I surround myself with positive and encouraging people every day.

4.  I wake up in the morning knowing that a great relationship is coming, or if I’m already in a relationship, that he and I are making it the best it can be.

5.  I have everything I need (a relationship will be icing on the cake).

6.  I am emotionally ready for love and I have released any anger or resentment toward my ex?

Now that you’ve answered the questions above, let’s say that you’re in a new relationship, Once you’re in a relationship, don’t gloss over complaints, by pushing your feelings of anger, resentment and sadness “under the rug.” I encourage you to look at any hurts closely and see them for what they really are by asking these questions below.

If you’re currently in a relationship:  Rate the questions below on a scale from 1 to 10:

1. I have a clear sense of direction in my life and share that same direction with my boyfriend/ beloved.

2.  I am clear on who I am and my life calling and my boyfriend is clear on who he is and his life calling.

3.  I surround myself with positive and encouraging people every day. My boyfriend/beloved is positive and encourages me.

4.  We both wake up in the morning wanting to be together.

5.  My boyfriend/beloved meets all my needs in a relationship (I don’t have to look elsewhere).

6.  I am ready for my love to grow even stronger with my boyfriend/beloved.

3 things to consider before you make a comment or complaint to your man that will totally help your relationship be strong and loving.

1.  Is it something that would embarrass him?

2.  Is it something that we’ve already processed and I need to let it go?

3.  Is it something that would make him sad if I brought it up again?

If the subjects that you’re thinking about discussing have any of these qualities, I invite you to consider NOT bringing them up.

Sometimes, you bring up issues to him that have already been resolved because you are not fulfilled in your life. And, sometimes it doesn’t have anything to do with him. So, decide which issues are really about him before you bring them up.

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