How to Soothe YOURSELF When You’re Angry

How To Soothe Yourself When You're Angry

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Have you ever been so angry that you want to yell at someone, but instead you hit your pillow?

Do you stay angry and just swallow it only for it to come out in unhealthy ways?

Ways like coming home and “kicking the dog” because there’s no one else to listen?  Or do you “kick the kids?”

Or do you try the passive aggressive technique and talk behind someone’s back, getting agreement from other people that you were “done wrong.”

This never resolves issues and makes them much worse because now the you and the dog or kids are suffering.

The person who you’re angry with may not even know you’re angry so they’re out there thinking everything is fine.

It’s best to deal with anger head-on.  At first there’s a rush of adrenaline, then it subsides.  While that adrenaline is flowing, your old brain takes over with the fight or flight mechanism.  That’s when things get out of control.

You may be afraid that you’ll get out of control because you’re so mad.

Instead of getting out of control, I invite you to consider a self-soothing process instead.

1.  Discover the specifics of what angers you.

2.  Feel where in your body you’re feeling the anger

3.  Do deep breathing for up to 2 minutes to allow the energy to flow and the breathe to lengthen.

4.  Go to the person and follow the “His/Her Fault Love Chat” by expressing your feelings without blame, shame, entitlement or defensiveness.  This way you will stay on the same team and not declare war against them.

By blaming the other person, you are not staying in love.

Stay in a state of love so that no one can knock you off guard.

Then, begin to wonder why this person is acting this way toward you.  By wondering, you are taking the judgement out of it.

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