Telltale Signs of Cheating

Telltale signs of cheating

For those of you who are single, please take notice of this blog so you can be aware of specific signs of cheating while you’re dating.

For those of you who are in a relationship, trust your partner, but also understand that cheating is a possibility.  Don’t become one of those who say “I never thought it would happen to me.”

Ok, this blog is the painful one with information that all of you really needed to know, so let’s get to it.

The big “C” (Cheating) or the big “I” (Infidelity).

Cheating (infidelity) is one of the most painful experiences that a couple can share.  It is a commitment break, a breach and a broken agreement.

It doesn’t feel good to either party.  It brings shame, embarrassment and disappointment to both the couple and the family.  It takes years and sometimes a lifetime to recover.

It’s always done in secret because it’s a shameful act.

However, it always comes out, either by everyone finding out about it or through dis-ease (disease in the body, like getting sick).

Some of the signs of cheating are:

1.  Working more hours than normal.

2.  Blaming the non-cheating spouse (to push you away).

3.  Drugs or alcohol are commonly involved.

4.  Suddenly things aren’t important to them anymore that they used to value.

5.  Don’t care about intimacy or sex anymore.

6.  If they are still intimate with you, their sexual performance might change (bringing new moves into the bedroom or becoming impotent).

7.  They overprotect their phone, emails and texts.

Cheating can be overcome, but it’s a difficult process.

It takes time to heal, but ultimately, it is a wake-up call for both partners.

Because of this, there is actually good new.  The good news is that some people learn from their mistakes.

Some go through the entire cycle of cheating, sincerely repenting and making amends, learning from their mistake and they commit to becoming a loving and trusting partner.

Sometimes cheating for men and women are different.  Usually, but not always, men cheat for sex and women cheat for emotional attachment.

Some people think it’s because of a “Midlife Crisis.”

If this is true, it’s actually a “Persona” that has developed, for example, the persona of “Mr. Successful” which could be a man that is under so much stress that he doesn’t know where to turn to get relief, so he turns to another woman. When it comes to this point, the man feels like he is actually going to die. This new woman doesn’t represent those stressors, she’s only there to soothe him and give him temporary pleasure. But, this doesn’t usually help the situation, because, in the long run, it creates a whole other set of stressors.

Be vigilant for any of these signs while you’re dating so you can either have an honest conversation about it and work it out, or make the choice to leave. 

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