2 Ways to Create Love: Art and Science

The science of love

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Do you wonder what it really takes to create love?  It’s both art and science.


The Art of Love is the Tonality, Attitude and Body Language that you convey to your beloved.

Practice your expressions in front of your mirror so you can see how you appear when you’re talking to your romantic partner about a situation.

Tonality.  The voice inflections you use are highly important when conveying your feelings.  Sometimes you can say something, but not convince the other person that you’re being honest and genuine because of your tone-of-voice.

Speak to them in the way that you would like for them to speak to you.  Be gentle and kind so they will feel safe with you.  Keep your composure and remember that you are on the same team.  Act like you are their teammate so you can reach the same goal.

Attitude Keep an attitude of gratitude.  Be grateful that your beloved is willing to discuss a situation that is important to you. Express your gratitude through your eyes and facial expression.  Keep it as light as possible.  Avoid super serious conversations because it gets a little scary when someone is too serious.

Body Language.  Open your body to the other person by opening your arms, reaching toward them, inviting them into the conversation.  Smile and be as playful as possible.  Use flowing movements, not fast, sharp movements.  Again, make them feel safe in the environment.  You and your beloved both have a desire for a blissful relationship.


The Science of love is learning the specific words and phrases to say in specific situations. Once you’ve mastered the Art (tonality, attitude and body language), you’ll want to have self control when it comes to using those specific words and phrases.

It is being brave enough to lovingly express yourself when you’d rather walk away from the situation.  It’s being the “change agent” in the relationship because, after all, somebody has to do it.

And remember, it only takes one to get the conversation going in the right direction.


By using the 5 sections in the App “Romance Coach on the Go” (Apple and Google devices):

  1. His/Her Fault Love Chat
  2. My Fault Love Chat
  3. Toxic Chat
  4. Receiving Talk (for Women) Giving Talk (for Men)
  5. Sweet Talk

You will be able to express yourself and have a mutually loving conversation without feeling upset and alienated. This is where all of the magic happens.  It’s all about you and your feelings.  You are the only one that you can control.  You have feelings about specific situations that come up in your relationship and your goal is to express those feelings without blame, shame, entitlement or defensiveness. Once you and your beloved have a chance to communicate using “Romance Coach on the Go” techniques, you will find that your relationship is closer and more intimate than before.  It becomes a strong emotional love and emotional bond because you have taken the time to listen to the other person and also be heard by the other person.  You have solved a problem together and you’ll have the tools to solve problems that arise in the future.

DO IT YOURSELF (Answer the following questions):

create love1.  ART:   What tonality do I use when conveying my feelings to my beloved (blame or wonder)? What attitude do I have when talking to my beloved?  Mutual respect or entitlement? What motions do I make with my body.  For example, do I tighten my lips or relax my face when I’m talking to my beloved?

2.  SCIENCE:   What words do I use to convey my feelings? Do I use blaming, shaming, entitlement or defensive words?  If so, what are those words?

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