The Secret to His Heart!

The secret to his heart is finding the secret to your own heart first. So what does your heart say to you?

What Does Your Heart Say to You?

Does your heart say you’re not good enough, short enough, pretty enough or smart enough?  Does your heart tell you that you don’t deserve to be in a loving relationship with a great guy?

The secret to finding what’s really in your heart is to find forgiveness in your heart for yourself and others who have hurt you.

All of us hold old resentments and hard feelings in our heart, but until we can release them, we simply can’t open up to the love of a good man.

To open your heart and forgive another person, look at them as an innocent child who didn’t get their needs met and they were sad and lonely.

Tell that little child that you love them, you’re sorry about their circumstances and thank you for being here on this earth because they’re here for an important reason even though this is hard and you really don’t completely understand this process.  
I invite you to consider that you were part of the creation of the problem with that person and, even without their knowledge, you can be part of the solution through this process.

The Forgiveness Process

To forgive yourself, I’d like for you to consider that you had a part in the process of this issue or problem. With that in mind, realize that since you helped bring this into existence, you have the power to solve this problem.

I cover the complete forgiveness process in my Miracle Moments video series, but here’s a glimpse:

You can say, “Look what I’ve created, I forgive myself and everyone else for this.” 

When you forgive someone else, you’re not condoning what they did or said that was hurtful to you, you are simply letting it go so you can have a great life. It releases you from the pain of having to carry it around! 

 If you can believe that we’re all doing the best we can with the knowledge, understanding and awareness that we each have, then it will be easier to forgive others and yourself.  It’s also important to know that we do things subconsciously that will make us feel good while hurting others.  And sometimes we do crazy things like become addicted to behaviors that are harmful, but it’s because we believe we will feel better. 

Some people can make forgiveness complicated, but I don’t believe it has to be complicated or take years and years to achieve.  I believe that if you’re really open and ready to create the life of your dreams, you can do it quickly and effectively. I invite you to learn more about forgiveness and moving on to an ecstatically wonderful life by learning powerful new tools through my daily video series “Miracle Moments!”

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