Tired of getting the same results in your love life

Tired of Getting the Same Results in Your Love Life?

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Are you dating, but you always end up in a dead end relationship?  Do you get the same failed results every time?

Are you married or coupled and you always end up feeling ignored at the end of the day when your partner gets home?

Do you feel like your getting the same disappointing results day after day?

For singles, focus on exactly what you do want in a relationship.

Change your standards by making your should's a must.

For example, "I must have someone who is kind, attentive, loving and safe for me to share my feelings."

One reason you are in a dead end relationship could be because there is still someone you need to forgive.

Perhaps it is a past romantic relationship, a family member or co-worker.  Consider forgiveness to move on.

If there is someone you need to forgive, go through the Forgiveness process in the Membership.

Another reason you are in a dead end relationship could be that you are "settling" with a person that you really don't find that attractive or interesting.

Surrender to your passion.

In other words, get busy doing something that you love to do.  Is it playing a sport, art, music or volunteering?

Be of service to others in your community or the world community.  Your world will open up once you do this.

What type of person really lights you up?  Shift your focus on those qualities instead of hoping that this one will work out.

This is how to keep from getting the same results in your love life.

Look at your list and see if this person fits your needs or is just there temporarily.

As you continue to date people, practice all of the dating tools in Romance Coach on the Go to find a successful lifetime relationship.

For couples, shake it up!  Use your creativity to live the best life you can.

Get involved in your passion whether it's music, feeding the homeless, or traveling.

Creative husbands, wives and partners are much more interesting.  When you have an interesting life, your spouse/partner will be more attracted to you and want to spend time with you learning about new things.

Don't ignore your calling in life.

It may be an un-calling, like quitting a job that is not satisfying or moving away from your current location.

If it is a calling, you may simply be called to be more present in your relationship or marriage, to be a more supportive parent or to contribute more to your family.

Whatever the case may be, you have control over your decisions (even though it may not look like it sometimes).

Once you find and act on your calling, encourage your partner to support your effort and maybe even join in the fun!

This could be a whole new chapter in your marriage or relationship that connects the two of you.

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