Tired of Getting the Same Results in Your Love Life?

[Updated October 2019]
Tired of getting the same results in your love life

Are you dating, but you always end up in dead-end relationships?  Do you get the same failed result every time?

Are you in a relationship and you always end up feeling ignored by your partner?

Do you feel like you’re getting the same disappointing results day after day?

If so, then I invite you to focus on exactly what you DO want in a relationship.

Change your standards by making your should’s a must.

For example, “I Must have someone who is kind, attentive, loving and safe for me to share my feelings.”

To be able to attract this, you need to complete your unfinished business.

Unfinished business is usually the business of forgiving someone who hurt you. Let’s say you have an ex who was horrible to you. Instead of saying “I really Should forgive my ex for hurting me so badly, but I’m still mad,” say “I Must forgive my ex for hurting me even though it wasn’t right. I Must do this so I can be happy.” This will open up space in your heart for a much better man to come into your life.

Is there someone you still need to forgive? Perhaps it’s a past romantic relationship, a family member or co-worker.  Consider forgiveness and move on.

If there is someone you need to forgive, go through the Forgiveness process in my “Miracle Moments” video series.

Another reason you are in a dead-end relationship could be that you are “settling” with a person that you really don’t find that attractive or interesting because you’ve created a scarcity mentality where you believe that you have to settle because no one else is out there for you. This is where you. Must believe that there is an abundance of men just waiting to date you, and one special guy who will want to marry you.

Surrender to your passion.

In other words, get busy doing something that you love to do.  Is it playing a sport, art, music or volunteering?

Be of service to others in your community or the world community.  Your world will open up once you do this.

What type of person really lights you up?  Shift your focus on those qualities instead of hoping that the guy you’re with will develop those qualities. Maybe he simply doesn’t have the ability to be who you really want him to be.

This is how to keep from getting the same results in your love life.

Look at the list of qualities that you’d like for a man to have and see if this person fits your needs or is just there temporarily. If he doesn’t have the qualities you want, let him go and attract a man who really lights you up.

Use your creativity to live the best life you can by discovering your “Genius” (something that you love, you could do it all day, and you’d do it even if you didn’t get paid). It could be music, feeding the homeless, or traveling.

When you and your partner are creative and operating in your “Genius,” you’re much more interesting.  When you have an interesting life, your partner will be more attracted to you and want to spend lots of time with you learning about new things right along with you.

To get to your Genius, you may have let go of jobs, friends and neighborhoods that pull you down.

Your genius could simply be that you are more present in your relationship, you are a more supportive parent or you’re contributing more to your family. But, most people think of their Genius as a profession, like becoming a nurse, doctor or teacher.

Whatever the case may be, you have control over your decisions (even though it may not look like it sometimes).

Once you find and act on your Genius, encourage your partner to support your effort and maybe even join in the fun!

This could be a whole new chapter in your relationship that connects the two of you.

I invite you to join me today to learn more!

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